Friday, December 28, 2007

Hey Adan, look what I got!!!

My very own miracle grass!!

The cat grass was a late housewarming present from my friends Owen and Yvonne. They were the perfect housewarming party guests, because 1) they obeyed my instructions and didn't come to the party, and 2) even though they didn't come, they gave Kate a gift to pass on to me! Thanks, Owen and Yvonne!!

Here I am pretending to be a tiger, letting out a mighty roar from behind the jungle camouflage of my awesome new cat grass. Cat grass ROCKS!!



Poppy Q said...

Hiya Pabs,
dat looks like great grass. Is it the kind that you chews and then spews with?

Hope it is not too hot in Tazzie and the beans has the doors open for you.

Poppy Q

michico*Adan said...

Wowww.... Dearest Pablo,

Miracle grass power~!!!!
That is awesome~!!!!!
I think this is very special treatment cat grass, so animate and growing alife~!! I love that~!!!!
The whole view just like fireworks so great~!!!!!

I am sure after you eat this you will have very strong muscle~!!!!!
And I am so happy for at this winter season, you have such a beautiful sunshine day~!!!
Oah, I wish I could snuggle with you~!!!!

Great day to you~!!!!!!

Parker said...

Does it taste good? We have never had cat grass before!

Pablo said...

Well, it mostly tastes like grass, but I can also taste a little extra kick in there somewhere. I can tell it's gonna give me extraspecialsuperpowers.

Poppy- sometimes I chew and spew, sometimes just chew. It's good for both. And it's not too hot over here just lately. It's extra cool in my secret garden hiding spot anyway. I've been spending most of my days there.

Honey P. Sunshine said...

oh dat looks yummy, wish we were where you are, its cold here, 40 degrees

Daisy said...

Pablo, you make grass look good! I sure wish I liked it. But I refuse to eat even a single blade. You have nice friends!

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

jus wanned to say "merree chrissmuss" a little late ... anna happee noo yeer to u.
it iz alwayz good to see dat da d-o-gzillaz ar enjoyin demselvez down under.

MoMo said...

Do you like grass? I only ever eat it if I am not feeling well. You think having 2 kitties with whom to share SS is bad? That's only half of it. There is a big Alastian (mutual dislike exists between him and me) and three houses that need her attention. I am always the last one to get fed! No, she is NOT a professional house/pet-sitter. Better visit you in Tassie than check myself into an asylum!