Friday, January 11, 2008

A bit of housekeeping...

Ok, so I'm running behind on a few memes and a few other bits of news, so I might kill two birds with one stone in this post (although why you'd use a stone to kill birds when you've got perfectly good claws and fangs, I'll never know).

First, SophieKitty and Gypsy and Tasha tagged me for the 7 Weird Things Meme. I'm sure I've done this one in the past, but even I can't remember my answers, so I'm happy to give it another crack...
1. When I've finished my morning and evening meals, I have this little ritual of pawing at the wall, or the nearest vertical surface (like the refrigerator or the rubbish bin), for a minute or so. I'm not really scratching, just pawing. I don't even know why I do it. It's instinctive.
2. I don't like being patted (I think you Americats say 'petted'?) by anyone, really. Except for Nick and Kate (and even then I don't like it much). I also make exceptions around mealtimes, when I'll let anyone pat me if I think there might be food in it for me.
3. I bite Nick and Kate if they try to pat me when I'm hanging out in the garden. If I let them, someone might see, and that would ruin my tough guy image.
4. I hate having to do #2s in my kitty litter. I'm not allowed outside at night (WHICH SUCKS!!!). If I have to go #2 in the middle of the night, I have to sing a very loud song about it just to let Nick and Kate know that it's not an ideal situation for me.
5. Like mostcats, I make biscuits when I'm settling down for a nap. But Nick and Kate don't call it 'making biscuits', they call it the 'Step Reebok'. That's weird!
6. I really don't like the musical Cats. I'm sorry, I just can't relate to it. Humans pretending to be cats? Please.
7. I have a kind of a hero crush on my Uncle Simon. I follow him around whenever he comes to visit, especially when he goes outside to make smoke. I even lick drops of water from his fingers!!

The rules of this meme are that you link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog. You share seven random weird facts about yourself, then tag seven random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

But I feel like everycat has had a crack at this meme, except maybe for a few newbies. If you haven't done it, consider yourself tagged!!

Second, my good friend Yoggie tagged me for a New Year's Resolutions meme. Here are the instructions from his blog:
When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions we seem to fall into four categories:
1. quite serious about them,
2. be flippant about them,
3. do it because we feel pressured to, or
4. do not do them.
So, the purpose of this little game is to let us know which category you are in.

Hmm. I've always been in category #4. I've never made New Year's Resolutions in my life. Let's see how I go:
1. I'm going to try and make some New Year's Resolutions. (Tick!! Hey, this is easy!)
2. I'd like to try and raise my profile in the local media a bit more, try my paw at a few commercials...
3. I'd like to try and spend some more quality time with my Uncle Simon. I think I need to find out what his interests are and get interested in them.
4. I'd like to recruit some newcats to the West Hobart Tigers Football Club. I haven't met many newcats since we moved house.
5. Speaking of which, I'd like NOT to move house this year. Or ever again. I need to find a high-paying job and help Nick and Kate to buy a house so we don't have to live at the whim of landlords forever. Maybe achieving resolution #2 would help. Any other ideas?

Ok, that's enough resolutions. I made five resolutions, so I'm gonna tag five cats to do this. I tag:
MoMo, Trip, Phoebe, Monica and Joey.

Big post, sorry. At least I'm catching up.
Oh, and one more thing: GO HOME MAO!!!!


Daisy said...

Pablo, I think you are very right to give the bitey if Nick or Kate try to pet you in public. That is wrong of them to even try.

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...


I hopes your frend Mao comez home soon.
I enjoyed da meme dat you did.

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

deer pabs,
'Step Reebok?' i'm laffin an laffin! wate until i share dat wid mi bes frend in da werld reebok in san jose, cal-i-for-ni-a.
i, miself, hav been tryin to catch up. u did a good job.
ps--how'z da heet?

The Crew said...

I usually only let Mom pet me and then only in certain places on my handsome self.

But like you Pablo, I'll allow Dad to touch me if it might result in a nice piece of turkey or ham while he's making the lunches!

Max S

Christine and FAZ said...

Did you hear about Annie missing too? I sure hope they come home safely. I am worried when I hear about other cats going missing. I think my humans might decide to keep me inside all the time like they do when we go down to the seaside house. My humans are excited today though, they have booked their flights home to Australia for Easter. They can't wait. I am staying here with a catsitter supposedly. I have had her before, she is very nice. FAZ

MoMo said...

Hey Pab, those are very good intentions. Umm, me? I have never made any NY resolutions. I'll try if you say so!

Kaz's Cats said...

G'day Pablo, Great memes! We like how you let Nick and Kate know when they overstep the mark - you've worked hard to build that tough cat image. You did well with the New Year's Resolutions - no one here bothers to make 'em. Hope you don't have to move this year,


Gypsy & Tasha