Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Finally! I'm back!

I think that when humans go away, they should a) hire people to help their cats to keep on blogging; or b) make sure that there are blogging facilities at their holiday destination. Do any of the presidential candidates have a platform on that?

Anyway, here's something I've been wanting to show everycat for ages. As you may know, some of my biggest fans are young children. They often show me their love and devotion by rendering my likeness in various works of art. Here's a great new piece from my little friend Phebe:It's very dynamic and somewhat impressionistic; I love how she's used green and gold to convey my Australian-ness, and pipecleaners to reflect my softness that's always got a sharp end (I make it a point to end all snuggling sessions with a BIG bitey!).

I put it on the fridge door next to my photo of Poppy Q and the drawings of me that another little friend (Molly) did a few months ago.

Guess what? While I was out of blogging action last week, my good friends George, Tipper, Max and Misty (aka 'The Crew') gave me The Butterfly Award:
How cool is that? Thanks so much! Apparently I have to pass it on to 10 blogging buddies (10!). I've been outta the loop for awhile, so I'm not sure who has this award and who hasn't. Here's what I'm gonna do: 10 kitties were good enough to leave comments on my blog while I was away. I think that's a very cool thing... so I give the Butterfly Award to all of you, whether you've already received it or not: Momo, Adan, Parker, Snow, The Crew (right back atcha!), Daisy, Grrreta, Sophiekitty, Yoggie and the Meemsnyc kitties (their mum and dad just got married!).

Lots to catch up on... it's good to be back!



Parker said...

We missed you dude! Thanks for the award!
ps - I love the rendition of you, very arsty and it does capture your "Pabloness!"

Forever Foster said...

Welcome back, Pablo:)

You are quite the artist's muse, we are impressed.

Daisy said...

Welcome back, Pablo! I missed you!

I am very impressed by that likeness of you. I think Phebe is very talented.

Congratulations on your award, and thank you for thinking of me, too!

MoMo said...

Welcome back!!! I missed you! Cute rendition of you by Phebe. I agree with you that the humans ought to be more thoughtful while going on holidays.

Concats on the pretty award. My SS is so disgustingly inefficient with acknowledging awards that I cringe every time I see one going up on somecat's blog.

Goan Kitten said...

Welcome back Pablo, I was beginning to get worried after I read this story:


Oh Noes!

Poppy Q said...

Oh Buddy, I am touched that my photo is up on your fridge.

Tell your little person friend that she did a super job of drawing you.


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