Thursday, August 17, 2006

Don't read this if you can't handle gross things

I vomited today.

Twice. Inside. Under the table.

No one was home.

It looked like (and basically was) liquid cat food, but a bit redder.

Don't worry. I'm not sick or anything. It's just something cats do sometimes. A little vom. Today, I think it was due to a hairball -- no, a bit of hair just caught the wrong way. I'd actually forgotten all about it when Kate discovered it tonight. Lucky Nick wasn't home. He's not so understanding about these things. He would have put me outside.

Like that would have solved anything!

Kate was funny. After she wiped up the solid bits, she put all this food on top of the stain to try and get it out! Rubbed stuff called bran (smelled rank) into the carpet, left it there for a bit, vacuumed it up, wiped vinegar on it (smelled even ranker), poured bicarb on it (didn't smell like anything). Left it there for a bit. Vacuumed again. I think she was trying out stuff she heard about on the cleaning talkback program on the radio. I don't know what any of that stuff is, I just know the names because Kate was talking me through the whole freaking process. Like I cared.
It only kind of worked, anyway. You can still see it. I was happy to leave it there. Why bother? It's only vomit. I might've eaten it tomorrow.

Anyway, I hate the vacuum cleaner.


mike said...

That really is yucky Pablo. I'll get you a link form my blog some time when I change the template next.

mahli said...

well i hope nicholas doesn't find out cause we wouoldn't want pablo outside :( well good luck with the game for the tigers whenever you have a game:)
cheers mahlah

Beto said...

Hi pablog. being the Sandy Bay cat that I am, I eat "purina" which includes ingredients that stop the formation of hair balls ;) alternatively the "rent payers" say adding a little oil in the food usually works (tuna in oil)... :)

Pablo said...

I have the Purina crunchy food sometimes, too. It makes me drink more water though, and that means I have to wee more and THAT means having to interrupt my sleep, so I'm not so sold on it. It makes a nice change, though. Hairballs are just a part of life for cats. So is having a little vom every now and then.

Beto said...

i've heard about hairballs but havn't really experienced them yet. well i might have once but i'm not sure... whatever it was it freaked paulo out!!! from what i have heard hairballs are pretty gross so i'm happy to wee heaps instead of a yucky hair ball. its really humerous for me to wee outside the various windows of the flats either side of the "rent payers" one. I wounder if they have noticed...