Wednesday, August 16, 2006

my first post

Hi. My name is Pablo. I'm a six-year-old cat from West Hobart, Tasmania. I've been wanting to do this blogging thing for ages now, but my housepeople (Nick and Kate) are always on the computer... and you wouldn't believe how hard it is to type with paws! So I saved up my pocket money and bought some meow-recognition software, so I'm now finally good to go. It is my vision that this blog becomes a platform for the promotion of my business interests (Pablo Enterprises), my football team (West Hobart Tigers- I'm captain/coach this year) and the general advancement of cat culture and ideology. That's all for now, I'm due for a feed.
Hope it's chicken!

Until next time,


(PS big shout out to Blackie, Skinny Ginger, Fat Ginger and Graham White... 'Go forward to kicks the goal, boys!')


Annafly said...

Dear Pablo,
I'm glad to see the meow-recognition software is going well.
What project are you working on at the moment for Pablo Enterprises? If you're not too busy, there is an old library down the lane from me that could use your services... (rodent troubles, you know the sort)
Well stay fit, and enjoy the Spring. I'm having chicken for tea.

Beto said...

hi pablo this is Beto, you are a copycat but here is MY BLOG

I am the original blogcat entrepreneur


Pablo said...

Look, Beto, happy to have you share kitty cyberspace with you. I've heard of you. Kate has come home smelling like you before... sometimes, when Germany 06 was on, at very odd hours.
I've looked at your blog; it's pretty good, for a kitten. I'm happy to promote it on this blog. Every kitten needs a kickstart into the self-promotion caper! Good luck.

Beto said...

i have had a lecture from the "rent payers" about being immature and "teencatty" and I guess i see their point. I would howee like to point out that my Blog dates back to last year so i still see you did a copycat trick but as i said, I have to refain from my immatureness. Melanie keeps trying to tell me (ad i'veheard hr tell Kate) that we would be great cat-mates but then I heard Kate say that she did not think so as you would likely eat me. I guess i got a bit defensive at that. Melanie is watching me write this to mke sur i apologise properly. I will contribute positively from now on...


Pablo said...

Cheers, Beto. You're an ok little guy. It must have taken a lot of guts to flame a bigcat like me. Kate's right, I can get a bit physical around other cats... it's just my instinct. I'm happy to take you under my paw and teach you a thing or two about being a bigcat. Probably best if we don't meet in person, though. Just in case we say things to each other that we don't mean and it turns into a rumble.