Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Not the first princess to grace West Hobart...

As those of you in Australia and Denmark would be aware, Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and Prince Christian arrived in Tasmania for a private holiday today. Their first destination? West Hobart, of course! They've spent the day here visiting Princess Mary's sister Jane, who lives in this, the finest of Hobart's inner suburbs. Local people are so excited... one of Jane's neighbours was so amped up about the media circus that she forgot to put bicarb soda in her banana cake! I kid you not.

Out of respect for the privacy of the Danish Royal Family, the West Hobart Tigers decided not to hold an official feline welcoming party for them. Even though we're extremely keen to open a dialogue with the cats of Denmark, we (and when I say 'we', I mean 'me') know what it's like to have unwanted public attention foisted upon you. Anyway, it's not that big a deal to have a princess in West Hobart. One used to live here:

Princess lived in on the Westside for a number of years at the turn of the century (apart from a stint in a Sandy Bay student sharehouse where I briefly took over from her as the cat-in-residence in 2002, just before my own move to West Hobart with Nick and Kate). So although I didn't meet her, I know what she used to smell like. Princess (sometimes known as Princess Poo) was a truly legendary cat; a cat of consummate style and glamour (much like 'Our Mary'), as well as a skilful hunter (I don't know if 'Our Mary' can compete there). I plan to do a feature on Princess as part of an exciting new series on this blog in 2007- stay tuned! But for now, witness the glamour and beauty of this legendary lady of West Hobart. (N.B. Princess didn't ever play for the Tigers, but was a long-time patron and was awarded retrospective Life Membership upon her disappearance into the wilds of Knocklofty in late 2002.)



Mel & Paulo said...

Pablo maybe princess is still wandering around aimlessly in far west West Hobart, i mean, how confusing is knocklofty street, considering it's actually 3 streets (OR 4)!!!

Pablo said...

Kate once thought that she saw her outside a house on Bonnington Road... and a one-armed lady kept calling Princess' mum Kyra telling her that she'd seen Princess wandering around in the Knocklofty Reserve. This was all a few years ago now. It seems fitting that such a legendary cat simply vanished into the ether. Adds to her mystique.

Bron said...

Nananu would have found her if she'd been on bonnington road, action herione that she was!

Hey, can I send you a pic of her too, seeing as you've got so many female fans already pablo?

Pablo said...

Please do! Can you also tell me what skills she had? I shouldn't speak about her in the past tense, she's still about, isn't she?