Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Benvenuto, Axel!

This is Axel. He's a rescue cat. He lives with Kate and Nick's friend Manny. I've never met Axel, but Nick used to live with him before he and Kate were married, and Kate was actually with Manny when he adopted Axel from the RSPCA as a tiny kitten. Well, Axel sure landed on his paws there, cause he now lives on an awesome farm outside of Melbourne, where he has acres of land to explore... and he is very spoiled by his Nonno, Manny's dad.

Anyway, Axel now has his own blog, where we can keep up with his adventures on the farm. I'm also hoping that he'll tell us about his adventures in Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne, when he busted out of his kitty carrier after flying from Hobart to Melbourne to go and live on the farm. That story has become legendary among the cats of Hobart.

Benvenuto, Axel!

P.S. Just wanted everycat to know that I do intend to update my blog links to include as many of you as I can. I need Kate's help with that, and she's 'busy' at the moment. Whatever. Maybe I'll just get her to do a few at a time. So don't be offended if you're a Pablog regular and you're not there... you will get there, I promise!


Phoebe said...

Axel sounds like a very important and hard-working cat. I'm looking forward to hearing about life on a farm.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Thanks for introducing us to Axel. We went over to say hi. We realized it has been a long time since we visited. I'm sorry about that. Mommy works 6 days a week now so my catching up with friends gets scattered a lot. We spent some time today catching up. You've been busy. Your cousin kitty seems sweet. Very pretty. She would make a good cat in sink.
Sorry for the long absence, it won't happen again!

Parker said...

I stopped by and said "Hi!"

Caesar and Princess said...

Hello Pablo. Please tell your secretary not to rush... mine is also quite slow... just take a nap.


Faz the Cat said...

Hi Pabs, I will pop by and say welcome to Axel. I bet they have those big snorty horsies on the farm and I bet he's really brave, not a cowardly custard girly cat like me.

jeter harris said...

deer pablo,
thankz fer lettin me know dat daniel'z teem iz doin well. he'z in melbourne ... an i'm sure dat iz makin him verree happee!
luv--yer frend--an fan--jh

Faz the Cat said...

Dear Friend Pablo, just to let you know, I have nominated you as one of my Thinking Bloggers. FAZ

Diamond said...

I got confused with all the pablo blogs. If you are the Tasmanian cat I wanted to know if you too are sinking into winter rain and cold. I haven't been able to go for my usual walk and I am getting fed up. Lynettea tells me off for being selfish. She likes to see the rain.
Good to see you are a thinking blogger.

Phoebe said...

Dear Pablo,

Are you okay? I haven't seen you in a while and I miss you. I hope that nothing is wrong, but you are just really busy with your business affairs. I left a poem for you on my blog. I hope you like it.

Axel and Manny said...

I think he's busy preparing another fact-finding trip for Kate on the 'big' island. Im currently campaining to Kate for some fact finding with me on the farm. I'll show her what us cats were made to do. Hopefully she gives Pablo alot more outside time, and pass the message on to all house people to do the same!
Viv' la puss'n gato!!