Saturday, April 07, 2007

Skinny Ginger (West Hobart Tigers player profile #2)

Player name: Skinny Ginger
Rookie year: 2002
Skills: Alertness, great social skills (especially good at liaising with people), extremely car-savvy, awesome sense of smell, fearless roof climber/walker
Favourite pasttime: Car maintenance

Skinny Ginger is one of the West Hobart Tigers veterans. He even pre-dates me! Now I've spoken about SG on this blog before... and some very smartcat asked me if the fact that there was a Skinny Ginger implied that there was also a Fat Ginger. Well, it's true. Fat Ginger, Skinny Ginger and Blackie were the original West Hobart Tigers, forming back in 2002. But we haven't seen poor Fat Ginger for a few years... don't know if he's gone to the bridge or if he's moved elsewhere or if he's just keeping a low profile. Anyway, Skinny Ginger is a great player, especially with the ruckwork (that's jumping up and tapping the ball to other players) and the contested marks (that's jumping up and catching the ball).

Off the field, we've noticed that SG has a real penchant for cars. If I ever need to find him for a team meeting or a training session, I just look under the nearest car. He's actually gained quite a bit of automotive knowledge over the years. We're planning on making him our team mechanic (if we ever get a team bus, that is). You can tell that he's an automotive expert. Look at how expert he looks:
SG is the Tiger who's most at ease around people (he's been known to wander into neighbours' homes and curl up on their beds!). This makes him the natural choice for the Tigers' Human Relations Officer, a job he carries out with distinction. SG is also lucky enough to have the most extensive outside privileges of any of us. So he takes the lion's share of the outdoor patrols. Thanks, SG!

So that's Skinny Ginger, another champion player with the West Hobart Tigers. Next month, look out for West Hobart Tigers player profile #3: Graham White.

Happy Easter to everycat, too!


Parker said...

Skinny Ginger sounds like a fine cat to me! Thanks for profiling him! Happy Easter Pablo!

Daisy said...

Thanks for introducing me to Skinny Ginger. He seems nice. And it is always handy to know an automotive expert.

Phoebe said...

Skinny Ginger looks very smart and I can see that he takes his responsibilities very seriously. He sounds like a fantastic asset to the team for sure!

Icon Baxter Bentley said...

Happy Easter, Pablo, Skinny Ginger, and all the West Hobart Tigers!!

Icon Baxter Bentley & family

The Borg said...

I <3 Skinny Ginger!

I saw Graham White near Video West the other day, but he ran away. :(

The Borg said...

Oh, and you were probably too involved in your food to notice, but when I was with Possum's parents at your place feeding you, I stole Kafka. The note said feel free to borrow any book, and while I'm not Possum's parents, I took liberties... I hope you don't mind.

Pablo said...

Yeah, Graham White lives 2 doors down from the Italian restaurant next to Video West. He can often be seen curled up on a couch on the front verandah. But man, he gets around! Nick and Kate saw him walking down the Patrick St hill a few weeks ago! (And no worries about borrowing Kafka. I've read it already.)

Faz the Cat said...

Pabs - your tagged again - this time on Life Balance.

I think Skinny Ginger is extremely good looking - you Tazzie Tigers are obviously a good genetic bunch.

Sherman said...

He sounds like a pretty cool cat.

Tara said...

Hey Pablo, its been a while since I've visited! Thanks for stopping by my bloggie! SG looks like a great cat for the team, and I'm jealous for the outdoor time!