Friday, July 13, 2007

Meme-ing it up on Friday the 13th

Karl from The Cat Realm tagged me for this meme a few days ago. Here are my answers:

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago, I was minus three years old. But a twinkle in my parents' eyes... or maybe my grandparents'!

What were you doing a year ago?
Probably exactly what I'm doing right now: hanging in my basket (see picture above). I was starting to think about blogging, though...

5 snacks I enjoy
- Tasty morsels of roast chicken that Kate sneaks me when they have it for dinner (YUM!!).
-Offcuts of raw chicken and beef when Nick and Kate are cooking (I've got more of a chance of getting them from Kate).
- My Feline Greenies from my Secret Paw, Gypsy.
- We have these dry meaty treats over here called 'Cravers'. Pretty tasty.
- Any other morsels of human food I can get my paws on outside of my regular meal times.

5 songs to which I know all the words
-'Eye of the tiger' by Survivor
-'Drive' by my hero Shannon Noll (runner-up in Australian Idol 2003)
-'The love cats' by The Cure
-'Hello hello' by The Cat Empire (no joke, instead of saying 'hello hello' in one of the choruses, it says 'Pablo Pablo!').
- 'Pablo Picasso' by The Modern Lovers. This song is all about how intimidating and successful with the ladies Pablo
Picasso was ('He was only 5'3'', but girls could not resist his stares'). I can relate.

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire
- Buy a new HQ for Pablo Enterprises. While apartment living is chic, I'm sick of sharing my
territory. And Nick and Kate could do with a bit more space.
- Buy an AFL team. The Richmond Tigers, ideally.
- Make sure that everycat in the world has a nice place to live and plenty of food.
- Buy enough shares so I could be the majority shareholder in chicken.
- Buy all my blogging pals new computers with meow-recognition software.

5 bad habits
(I don't consider these things bad, but Nick and Kate do for some reason)
- Meowing very loudly for attention in the middle of the night.
- Scratching on doors very loudly for attention in the middle of the night.
- Jumping on the dining table and the kitchen bench.
- Biting the hand that pats me when I've had enough.
- Getting into fights with othercats in my hood.

5 things I enjoy doing
- Napping.
- Eating.
- Exploring my territory.
- Blogging.
- Stringplay.

5 things I would never wear again
I honestly can't think of 5 things I've ever worn, let alone 5 things I would never wear again! Even though cats like
Daisy and Skeezix look good in their fashions, I'm just not a clothes-wearing kinda guy.

5 Favourite toys
- My new nip mousie from my Secret Paw, Gypsy.
- My blue feather.
- My stringplay string. [Need to scroll down a few posts to see this archived link.]
- My red mousie from my little friend Liji Beau. [Need to scroll down a few posts to see this archived link.]
- Any rogue piece of paper that dares to cross my path.

And I tag the following wonderful cats:
- Monica, Phoebe, Faz, Merlin, and Dobby.

Happy Friday, everycat!



The Cat Realm said...

Pablo, I loved your answers! String toys, hahaha, I love those too! And exploring the neighborhodd, very good! I am so glad to have met you, you are a great cat and I am very happy to be your friend!
Beautiful picture too!!!!

Christine and FAZ said...

I did it, I did it. Thanks for tagging me Pabs me old mucker. FAZ

p.s. me old mucker is an English expression for Pal.

Dragonheart said...

Pablo, I enjoyed reading your answers and learning more about you. :) I like feline greenies too - they are yummy!

Ali & Fiona said...

Hi Pabs!

We selected you for the schmooze award, check out our blog for the details.

Daisy said...

Biting the hand that pats you! Hahahaha! That is very funny. I like to bite the hand that pats me. And the hand that feeds me. And the hand that cleans my ears. Every hand, really.

Parker said...

I don't wear anything but my fur either!

lordjaders said...

Good answerrrs, I don't wearrr anything eitherrr. I find it especially nice to just wearrr my furrr coat everrrywherrre.