Thursday, September 06, 2007

The final eight!

First of all, I'd like to thank everycat who entered my AWESOME Footy Finals Fever Competition. But second of all, I'd like to apologise to everycat, cause I think I made it a bit too hard... I only had seven entries! It was my first go at designing a competition... I think I got a bit carried away. Sorry!

Anyway, here are the finalists, and their corresponding AFL team:
1st place-- Daisy (50 points) GEELONG CATS
2nd place-- Sooty (50 points)* PORT ADELAIDE POWER
3rd place-- Hot(M)BC (49 points) WEST COAST EAGLES
4th place-- Gypsy & Tasha (47 points) (NORTH MELBOURNE) KANGAROOS
5th place-- Yoggie (44 points) HAWTHORN HAWKS
6th place-- Faz (42 points) COLLINGWOOD MAGPIES
7th place-- Phoebe & Monica (42 points)* SYDNEY SWANS
(In the case where two entrants scored equal points, the entrant who submitted their entry first was awarded the higher place)

Now, the AFL has a final eight, so I thought I'd award 8th place to our good friend Karl. Even though he didn't submit an entry, I thought that playing in the finals might lift his spirits at this sad time. Karl's team is the ADELAIDE CROWS.

Now to this weekend's finals matches...
Friday 7 September: PORT ADELAIDE v WEST COAST (AAMI Stadium, Adelaide)
Saturday 8 September: HAWTHORN v ADELAIDE (Telstra Dome, Melbourne)
Sunday 9 September: GEELONG v KANGAROOS (MCG, Melbourne)

The aim of this weekend's finals is to reduce the number of finalists from 8 to 6, so the two lowest-ranked losers will be eliminated.

Congratulations to all the entrants! Get behind your team! Sing your song! Show your colours on your blog! I'll keep everyone up to date on the results. And I'll share some of the finalists' creative entries in the coming weeks.

I can feel that finals fever coming on...


Daisy said...

Woohoo! I am very, very excited!! Go Cats, go! You can fight! You can bite! Fight, Bite, WIN!

It was a hard contest, but I learned a lot, so do not say you are sorry.

The Crew said...

Pablo, my friend, we all learn a few things when running a cat blog competition or contest. I know I did!

7 responses isn't too bad for your first one! But may I suggest from my 2 years of personal experience:
First, get the word out! - on your own blog and then notify everyone on the Cat Blogosphere, a few times. (maybe you did this and I missed it) Second, consider the timing - never run your contest near holidays, since too many are away or in August families with kids are getting ready for back-to-school. Third, allow enough time for responses - a minimum of 2 weeks. Fourth, consider that most US cats would not be familiar with Australian sports or (gasp) not sports fans at all (like our Mom, who followed your competition but didn't participate) Fifth, keep the rules simple.

This was a good competition and I know whatever you do next will be great!


Jeter and Mickey said...

i don't unnerstand footy but dis iz probublee a grate contest!
i, miself, got lottsa help wid mi first contest ... but i wuz verree nervus!
i think anythin u do iz grate ... dat'z why i'm in yer fanclub!

Hot(M)BC said...

Woo hoo! It was tuff, but we learned a lot and had fun. We can't wait to see how our team does. Now we gotta figure out timezones and stuff so we even knows when they play hehehe We fink it's purrfectly good to give Karl a team, too. That's furry nice of you.
Sanjee, Boni Maroni, Mini, Gree and Pepi

Sooty said...

Did I say Essendon? What ever was I thinking? My humans didn't tell me they weren't in the finals. Thank you so much. I'm kinda, you know ... overwhelmed. And I hear Adelaide is ever so nice this time of year - City of Churches and all that. I might even get to watch the big game tonight - through the window....

Phoebe said...

Oh Pablo! I am so thrilled that Monica and I won 7th place! We got the Sydney Swans - those are great big birds. I think they must play very gracefully...

Ummm... Monica is telling me that perhaps i didn't understand this football game so well.

Monica said...

I thought perhaps we would get extra points for being your special lady friends, but oh well. We are in good company with Faz having the same score. It was very thoughtful of you to award Karl the 8th spot.