Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: 13 things I will miss about my old place

Here's a tribute to my old apartment and the good times I had in (and around) it. I'll count down, Letterman style, to the #1 thing I will miss the most:

13. My disused barrel-turned-into-an unsuccessful-garden-bed snoozing spot. Aah, I can still feel the hot sun on my furs!!

12. My camouflage garden bed snoozing spot on the patio. A great place to chill out incognito.

11. My bottom-of-the-entry-stairs lookout post. A great place to pose, too!

10. My under-the-clothesline lookout post. Who am I kidding, everywhere is a great place to pose!

9. The Line. Like 'The Man in Black', I walked The Line a lot. You see, the linoleum floor in front of me is the kitchen floor, and is just a few steps away from my beloved food bowl (just follow my longing gaze). I was only ever officially allowed in the kitchen when it was feeding time (like that stopped me when they weren't home!); between times, I had to walk The Line. Nick was very strict about The Line. I wasn't supposed to have even a paw or a whisker or the tip of my tail across The Line during non-mealtimes. Ha. Cats live to break arbitrary rules like that!

8. The bath. Best drinking water in the house! A great place to leave one's pawprints, too.

7. My basket near the window (you can see it on the floor to the left of the table). The perfect place to grab a snooze while keeping an eye on my territory over the neighbour's fence. Here's a shot with me in action:

6. The lovely Frankie. We had our rough times, and a few fights, but she's a great kid.

5. My mate Skinny Ginger. He was always trying to nose in on my territory, but I came to respect his tenacity and knowledge of automobiles.

4. My second-favourite vantage point: the bedroom window. We lived on the first floor, so the bedroom window provided a super view of my territory over the fence. If you biggify it, you can see that I'm in the picture above, but here's a closer shot:

3. My favourite vantage point: on top of the pillar that supports the patio. I always felt really brave up here, and it was a great place from which to survey my territory over the fence. Again, here's a closer shot:
2. My territory (a.k.a. 'The Jungle'), an overgrown backyard next door to our apartments. Unused by humans, but adopted by the West Hobart Tigers as our home ground. In the picture above, you can see Skinny Ginger (left) and Frankie (right) going through some training drills. I let them share my territory sometimes. For training purposes only, you understand...

1. My catflap. Thanks for the good times, Isaac Newton! It was great living in a home with a catflap. It was my window to the world, my independence. We sure had some good times.

As cool as the new place is turning out to be, I'll miss the old flat and my surrounding territory...



Daisy said...

I can see why you would miss your old place. But I think in time you will grow to love your new place even better!

The top of that pillar looks a little bit dangerous.

Do you think you can get a catflap in your new home?

The Crew said...

Life is full of changes, but you're an intelligent Mancat and I know you'll adjust to your new place.

Regarding #9, do they really think you don't do exactly what you want when they're not home? Please!!! I always get a good laugh when I hear a human say "my cat is trained to stay off the (fill in the blank)". Ha!


MoMo said...

Great place you had there but you should also show some pics of your new home once you are settled.

Yes, SS has rules around the house as well but rules are made to be broken - by cats in general and by me in particular. Silly humans! Who are they kidding?


Parker said...

I can see how might miss your old haunts, but the good news is - new discoveries!

MoMo said...

Hey Pablo, do you want to join us at Sassy's party
There are so many Aussie cats and dog there that, with the permission of the hostess, we would fly the Aussie flag until the other felines arrive.

Christine and FAZ said...

Ahhhh. Happy memories Pabs mate, but I am sure you will find many more in your new pad. This was a great tribute to your old haunt though, I especially liked your vantage point on top of the pillar - neat and sweet, Pabs, neat and sweet. FAZ

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your move, Pabs! I know you'll miss your old place and your friends there, but I know there will be wonderful new happy things at your new place.

And I agree, anywhere is a good place to pose! *smile*

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

Monica said...

Your old place was really cool. But it's too bad that Nick and Kate didn't come look at our rental house so that you could live next door to us!