Monday, March 24, 2008

I'm back, and so are they

Hi everycat,

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while, Nick and Kate have been on holiday in Melbourne, and even though Uncle Simon looked after me very, very well, his Pablo-sitting duties do not extend to helping me blog (shame... might have to work on that for next time).

While in Melbourne, Nick and Kate went to the first game of the Australian Football League season: the Richmond Tigers (my team) versus the Carlton Blues (Kate's team). Both of our teams had a bad year last year (we finished last and second last respectively), and both were determined to make 2008 a better year. Unfortunately for Kate, Richmond ended up winning by 30 points, led by my hero, Matthew 'Richo' Richardson, who kicked 5 goals (=30 points). Here are some shots of the game:
A view of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) from Kate's seat behind the goals at the city end of the ground. Over 72,000 fans were at the game.

No. 12 in the yellow and black is Richo, my footballing hero. He's Tasmanian, you know! Here, he is playing in the full forward position, in front of the goals. He's waiting for his team mates to kick the ball to him, so he can turn around and kick a goal. No. 40 for Carlton is rookie defender Michael Jamison.
That's Richo again, this time from the front. This season, I hope I can get him down to Hobart to do a training session with the West Hobart Tigers, my team in the Southern Feline Football League.

Oh, and Kate wants me to say that it's this guy's 13th birthday today. Happy birthday, Ben (Kate's dog, who lives up at her parents' place, 300km from here. Not one kilometre too far, as far as I'm concerned).



Poppy Q said...

hey Pabs, nice that you are back. I hope the beans had a good weekend in Melbourne, there is always lots to do and see there, although my mum went there for Easter a couple of years ago and lots of the shops were closed, which the girls didn't realise.

Happy purrthday to that woofie, he looks kinda cute and I hope he gets lots of treats.

Is it getting cold in Tassie now? It is getting cool here at night, although the days are usually nice.

poppy Q

Christine and FAZ said...

Hi Pabs - please say Happy Birthday to Ben and tell Kate that the humans are at the airport in Tokyo - they will be in Cairns in less than 8 hours. Christine is mega-excited. They are in North Queensland for 4 days than fly home to the Gold Coast for the rest of their stay. I am stuck in Wimbledon with the catsitter but she's a push over so I am not complaining. FAZ

Daisy said...

I missed you Pablo!

Happy Birthday, Ben.

The Crew said...

For heavens sake Pablo, they didn't even bring you along so you could watch the game live and in person?!!

Well, at least did they bring you a fantastic gift to make it up to you?

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

happy birthday Ben! 13 is a good age. he looks like a nice woofie.

i hope your beans had fun! it looks like it. i also hope that you got lotsa extra toys and treats when they got home. they did bring you toys back right???

SophieKitty said...

Glad you're back, Pabs! I missed you.

Moki said...

Hi Pabs,

We saw you on Perfectly Parker's blog and wanted to stop by to introduce ourselves. It is very nice to meet you!

Sooty said...

Hi Pabs
I caught up with Kate and Nick on their way home on Sunday. They looked quite relaxed and chilled out.
How about that new car??!!
Did they bring you any pressies from Melbourne?

Adan*Michico said...

I miss you very much, Pablog~!!!

And Happy Birthday to Ben!!! Wish Ben always healthy and happy!

Parker said...

I hope your beans had a great holiday. I think I am ready for you to send some of that warm weather here. You can have winter now!
That film you asked about - it was, well, like you said, bleak and depressing...

Christine and FAZ said...

Pabs mate, come visit, I've just nominated you for a Totally Hip Blogger Award. Purrs from your old mucker FAZ

Chairman Mao said...

Hiya, Pabs! It's great to see you! We Ballicai have missed you. Our Momma's gotted real buzzy so we don't get to blog as much as we used to, we blog about two or three times a week now. But we love to blog so we'll sharpun our claws on Momma's butt if she gets too slow onna uptake!

Looks like yur beans hadded a great hollliday! And those pickshures are furry kool.

Happy 13th Burfday to Ben! He looks like a furry wunnerful woofie.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Goan Kitten said...

Hi Pablo,

Sounds like you had fun at the football. They play football where I'm from too but it's very different, they just stand in the sand and kick a ball around *yawn*. I'd much rather pounce on my parents or any other cat who enters my territory (the Cozy Nook Hotel, perhaps you've heard of it?).

Anyway I just wanted to be able to brag to my friends that I know Pablo, so hello from all your Goan fans.