Sunday, March 11, 2007


Check this out: A family of real, live Africats! This picture came to me via Anne, one of Kate's work colleagues. Anne is originally from South Africa; her brother and his wife still live there... and these are their cats! On the far right, we have Mimi, next to her is Tom. Behind Tom, to the left, is Zaza, with her brother Bubbles in front. Bubbles and Zaza are Mimi and Tom's kids! And I think that Bubbles looks a bit like my good friend Monica... what do you think, Monica? They live in a suburb called Albermarle, south-east of Johannesburg. I know that's a big city, but I bet that they know some bigcats. You can see it in their eyes. I know that deep down we're all Africats, but it would really be something to be an Africat in Africa.

It would really make you feel tough.


Daisy said...

I love the Africats! They are so beautiful. I wonder if they know any real bigcats? How exotic!

Madness said...

Great Africats! We also know some Africats. Our Mom is also from South Africa and when she came to the USA to study, her cats went to live with her parents on a real African farm. The cat's names are Babatjie (Little Baby) and Crinkle (aka FatCat). They are having lots of fun on the farm, hunting and enjoying the outdoors.

BTW, some members of your fanclub said that they think you would make a great ChippenDude. And I agree. So if you want to be a ChippenDude, let me know.

Pablo said...

You know farm Africats! They would know bigcats for sure.

Wow... a ChippenDude! It would be an honour. Where do I sign? Oh, I might have to get Desi my lawyer to look over the contract, if that's ok.

o'jeter harris said...

deer pablo,
i'm so glad u came to pay mi blog a vizit.
i hav a good frend frum south africa ... but hee'z allerjic to catz ... so when he comez to vizit noo york he takez lottsa medz so we don't make him sick.
i'm glad monica vizited me, too. i think i'm lookin into joinin yer fan club!
yer frend--o'jeter harris

Monica said...

Those Africats look very wise because of all the things that they have seen. I wonder if they have met the Taco Bell lions... I agree that Bubbles does look a bit like me. Isn't he lucky?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever met the Aristocats? I've seen them on TV and they look pretty cool too.

Don't think I've ever met an Arficat but Grandma has some Canadicats.

Madness said...

Well there is no ChippenDude contract as such. Basically I just want to ogle your big man catness.

Send me your favorite big man cat picture, high resolution and full body if possible (so I don't have to hide cut-off parts behind other stuff) to cmcgre1ATgmailDOTcom

Artsy Catsy said...

Cheers, Pablo! I don't think we've been to see you before ... but we'll be coming back now!

CEO (Cat Executive Officer)
Artsy Catsy

Luna said...

Beautiful Africats. This is interesting. Did they meet perhaps really lions ???

Daniel said...

when are you going to write about the football??

Faz the Cat said...

I didn't know you could get Africats, thank you for bringing us all up to speed on this. How's life in Tazzie? It's good here (apart from Hefty Tabby - and I do really appreciate your offer to come and take him out). We've got spring sunshine now though, so I am hoping HT will be sunbathing alot and leave me alone. Purr FAZ

Pabby O'Riley said...

Well, Daniel, we like to wait until the AFL's pre-season comp is over before we kick off the SFFL season. Just so we don't take all their publicity. Hey- your team is playing my Kate's team (The Mighty Blues) in the NAB Cup final tomorrow night! Kate doesn't really want the Blues to win, cause everyone knows that the NAB Cup is the Kiss of Death for the season proper. The prize money would be handy, though, especially for Carlton!