Thursday, March 29, 2007


Hello. My name is Pablo, and I'm a bathdrinker.

What? Haven't you ever seen anycat bathdrinking before?

People might think it's gross, but I know that cats will understand. Dogs too.

Lately, Kate's been giving me the drys (a.k.a. dry cat food) for breakfast every other day. She says that it's good for my teeth to be doing some crunching. And she's a 'responsible pet owner', she makes sure that I have plenty of fresh water available whenever I want... but it's not the same as bathdrinking water (which isn't bathwater, because my people don't have baths. They have showers, so technically, it's showerwater and I should be calling this showerdrinking. But bathdrinking sounds way better).

So after they've finished doing their morning things in the bathroom, in I hop for a bit of bathdrinking goodness.

This photo is a bit odd... kinda looks like I'm floating in the middle of nothing... and like I've only got two legs. Oh well. I never said that bathdrinking was pretty. But it sure is good.

Bathdrinking. Try it sometime!



Luna said...

I like to take showerbath in Summer!!


Sring is in my Blog!! come in!!

Parker said...

My silly brother Rudy doesn't even wait for the humans to finish their shower! He hops right in for a taste! He's a strange kitty!

Daisy said...

Pablo, I drink from the faucet in the bathroom, but I have never tried bathdrinking before. It sounds good! I am going to try it. Thanks for the tip!

Phoebe said...

Pablo, You know that Monica likes to drink from the bathtub, but I don't. It would get me too wet and I hate being wet! I do like to watch Monica while she gets a drink. It's interesting and funny.

I tagged you for a new game.

jeter harris said...

i am gointa try sum bathdrinkin jus becuz u said it'z a good thing to do.
i admire u verree much ... so i'll drink da bathwater (dat iz reelee shower water!)
luv--yer frend--jh

Gemini said...

Hello Pablo. Cheysuli said she is quite glad to make your acquaintance but she is not on blogger so she can't comment herself. Thanks for visiting her blog!

Faz the Cat said...

Toilet water is good too - trust me I've tried it. Purr FAZ

DaisyMae Maus said...

So THAT'S what Lucky Charmz has been doin' after Mom's finished with the shower! I've been wonderin' 'cuz he emerges from the human litterbox with wet feet, wet tail, and wet whiskers on nearly a daily basis. "Bathtub drinkin'" sounds furry interesting ... I may have to give it a try.
Pablo FanClub Member

<3~Rosemary said...

Pablo. I drink from the tub after my mommie showers... Every Day >O_O<
So... I think it is okay. right?

nice to meet you :-)

The Borg said...

Invisible ground!

Beto said...

there is NO WAY i would even step into the bath as i often get saturated by non well being rent payers in that thing so i'm not going to give them a head start!