Saturday, March 31, 2007

Five reasons why I blog...

Here I am outside on the patio, pondering my answers to this meme. I take these things seriously!

(With thanks to my good friend Phoebe, who tagged me for this meme.)

1. Shameless self-promotion, and promotion of Pablo Enterprises and the West Hobart Tigers.
2. Being able to meet and make friends with awesome cats from all around the world.
3. Being able to report on important cat news from Australia on The Cat Blogosphere.
4. To do my bit to help cats dominate cyberspace.
5. Helping me with my blog gives Kate something to do, so she doesn't hassle me for pats and cuddles so much.

OK. I now tag Faz, Beto, Jack, Icon Baxter Bentley and Merlin!

Happy Caturday!
-- Pabs


Daisy said...

Pablo, I can tell from your picture that you are thinking hard. Those are good reasons. I think the cat domination part is starting to work!

Parker said...

You do look like you are pondering and pondering. But wouldn't having a lap to sit on in that rocker be more comfy? Cat domination - yes!

Phoebe said...

You thought of some very good reasons. It is nice of you to help out Kate by blogging. You are very handsome when you are deep in thought.

sammawow-china cat-willow said...

That really does look like you were pondering. Terrific list too!

Purrrrs, China Cat & Willow

Daniel said...

Will there be a football report this weekend from you?

Merlin said...

Thanks for taggin' me! I'm excited. I posted my reasons!!!

Diamond said...

It is good to know a Tasmanian cat.
I hope your football team was successful.

Faz the Cat said...

Hi Pabs - good weekend? I've done my MeMeMe now, so thanks for tagging me. Had to go to the V.E.T. on Saturday but will tell all on my blog tomorrow. Purr Faz

Faz the Cat said...

Hi Pablo - just popped by to say

<3~Rosemary said...

You are very thoughtful and you put a tremendous amount of effort in this. Well done!
We are so glad that you are a bloggin kitty


The Borg said...

You look grumpy and cute at the same time!