Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pablo's political post

[The K-Rudd's campaign logo]

Not sure if you've heard, but it's been a big week in Australian politics, everycat. After 11-and-a-half years in power, Prime Minister John Howard (the leader of the Liberal Party, which, for you US cats, is a bit like the Republican party) was voted out by the Australian people last Saturday in favour of a brand new leader, Kevin Rudd (leader of the Labor Party - think Democrats). Somecats might have seen a clip of Kevin (or the K-Rudd, as I like to call him) eating his own earwax that was shown recently on both Leno and Letterman. So what? I've eaten worse...

During the election campaign, Nick and Kate watched a LOT of news and current affairs shows (they're politics nerds, embarrassingly), so I managed to pick up on a few key election issues. Unfortunately, neither party had an explicit Vishus Deer policy, from what I can gather... but I did learn that 'ratifying the Kyoto Protocol' was a very important issue. Howard has refused to do it for YEARS, many beans believe that Kevin's promise to ratify this document was one of the reasons that he won. For those of you who don't know, to ratify something is to chew it up 'real good' as if it were a rat. Now, I happen to be very good at 'ratifying' documents. And I'm willing to offer my services to the new administration free of charge, for the good of my country. Especially if it means I can get a paw in the door with the K-Rudd on that Vishus Deer policy...

I have a lot of experience ratifying document, even political ones. Here is an example of my work ratifying a newsletter sent to residents in the Hobart area by Labor MP Duncan Kerr. I think you'll agree it's quite a comprehensive ratification:

So Kevin (I'm sure he reads this blog at least weekly), just send me an email when you need that Kyoto thing ratified -- I'm your mancat!

[I was with you all the way, K-Rudd!!]

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: Thanks!

[A picture of me with Uncle Dave's shoes. I'm going to miss them - I mean- him. See below.]

Happy Thanksgiving, everycat! I know we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, but why should Americats have all the fun (and all the turkey)? Here is a list of 13 things that I'm particularly thankful for at the moment...

1. That Nick's brother, Uncle Dave, came to stay with us for a week or so. He lives in northern Tasmania, and I don't get to see him that often. Come and stay anytime, Uncle Dave, and bring your sneakers. They smell GREAT!!!
2. That Nick's other brother, Uncle Simon, is staying with us now, while he's between rentals. Not sure what his shoes smell like yet. He needs to leave them lying around in the living room more often (are you reading this, Uncle Simon?).
3. My new nip bee toy from IKEA - thanks, Sarah and Macsie!
4. That my good friend Phoebe is feeling a little better.
5. That it is only 2 sleeps until the Australian election... I'm sick of Kate yelling at the TV!
6. That it's nearly summer here in Australia, which means that the sun gets up nice and early so Kate lets me outside early and I can stay out until late hanging out in the garden with Kate.
7. That I've got an awesome new backyard to play in and explore.
8. That I haven't had a fight with any of my new neighbours... yet...
9. That I have an awesome big new house. With awesome wooden floorboards on which I can practise my Tokyo drift.
10. That my NFL team, the Minnesota Vikings, beat the Raiders 29-22 last weekend. Skol, Vikings, skol!!!
11. That God made chickens and turkeys and cows and tunas and sheeps and pigs... yum!!
12. That I have a great life in West Hobart with Nick and Kate.
13. That I have so many awesome friends in the Cat Blogosphere. Thanks for being my mates!


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New toy Tuesday

Hey everycat! Check out my new toy! It's a nip bee from IKEA! My good friends Sarah and Macsie bought it for me as a housewarming present. It's kinda special, 1) cause it's from my good friends Sarah and Macsie, who live in Melbourne (in mainland Australia, 1hr flight from Hobart) and 2) cause it's from IKEA, my favourite Swedish furniture and homewares store, and we don't have IKEA in Tasmania.

Here are some more pics of me and my new nip bee: one is serious and one is fun...

And guess what? Someone else has a new toy. It's my good friend Daisy, with the pink feather that she won as part of my AWESOME footy finals competition! Look at how much she loves it:
Happy new toy Tuesday, everycat!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Easy like Sunday morning...

Hope all you Americats are having a great Thanksgiving holiday [11/19: whoops, just realised that I'm a week early with these wishes. sorry. The thought of all that turkey just got me a bit excited!]. Me? I'm just having an extended Sunday sleep-in. Wouldn't have it any other way.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tabbying it up on a Tuesday

Here I am tabbying it up on the oriental rug in our loungeroom. Even though it's nearly summer here, I'm just practising lounging in front of the fire so that I've got a good look ready for winter 2008. A mancat can never be too ready for next season! Hey Trip, if you biggify this one, you can kinda see my FURCHIN.

Aah, it's great to be a tabby on Tuesdays!


PS A big shout out to my very good friend Phoebe, who's not feeling so good at the moment. Please stop by her blog and send her your best purrs!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Famous Friday!

Check out this AWESOME tag that Kate discovered on a container at a construction site on her way to work (on the city end of Regent St, for those of you familiar with Hobart):
It's lucky that Nick was driving, cause Kate went crazy when she saw it! The funny thing is, at work the the day before she had been reading a paper on tagging as a social literacy practice among young people (whatever that is). Here is a quote from the paper: 'Tags can be a youth's signature moniker, a slogan, a protest, a message, and occasionally a lengthy tribute.'* Well, this one isn't lengthy, but it's obviously a tribute.

The Legend of Pablo continues to grow...


PS I did not do this tag, by the way. I find it too hard to hold a spray can in my paws.

*MacGillvray, L. & Curwen, M.S., 2007, 'Tagging as a social literacy practice', Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, v.50, n.5, pp.354-69.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A curious similarity?

Hey, I was just reading all about the Kitty Kookies that Parker's family made (check them out, they look AWESOME), and I noticed a curious similarity between the shape of the 'Kookies':
and the shape of my home island, Tasmania (I live in Hobart, the capital city):
Map of Tasmania by Tourizm Maps ©2006

What do you think? Am I the only one who can see the resemblance? Have I got Tasmania-mania?


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My favourite spot in the new place (so far)

Well, after almost a month of shedding my furs and rubbing my signature scent around the new place, it's finally beginning to feel like home. Here is my favourite spot so far, in a corner of the living room:
It's a great place to relax...

...except for when Mr Evil Blue Feather shows up!

Hey Parker, see my Paw of Death?


Looks like I'll have to stay on guard, even when I'm chilling out!