Thursday, February 28, 2008

For the last time, Kate, I don't HAVE FLEAS!!!!!

Just because a guy scratches a few times, and just because it's summertime does not mean that a guy has fleas!!!

I hate having the flea medication stuff squirted on my furs. It's cold and wet. And it tastes awful. Worst of all, it makes the furs between my 'shoulder blades' stick out for a day or so. Not a good look:
I noticed something funny about the cats who are posing on the flea meds box: they're all posed like the 90210 actors or the Friends actors used to pose in all their promo shots... all draped over each other and stuff. See what I mean?
They'd have to pay me a whole lotta money (or chicken-in-kind) to endorse flea meds! Still, I guess it's better than scratching all the time.


Monday, February 25, 2008

Hey! It's my first official Gotcha Day!!!

Last week, my fellow Aussiecat MoMo mentioned that she didn't know what a Gotcha Day was before she joined the Cat Blogosphere and that she didn't know when hers was, either. Well, same for me on both counts! So I had a talk with Kate, and she decided that even though she didn't know the date of my Gotcha Day, she knew that it was on the Monday or Tuesday of O-Week (Orientation Week) at the University of Tasmania in 2002, so my Gotcha Day could be on 1) either the Monday or Tuesday of O-Week at UTAS this year (which is today or tomorrow), or 2) on George Harrison's birthday, which she knew was sometime around now. And guess what? She found out that it's George Harrison's birthday TODAY, so guess what? TODAY IS MY FIRST OFFICIAL GOTCHA DAY!!!

I've been celebrating in style...
... a little laser-eye stringplay...

... a tin of Woolworths' finest (Chicken, of course)...

... and, to acknowledge Georgie Boy's birthday, a singalong to what is arguably the second-best post-Beatles album by any of the Fab Four.

Wow. I remember that day, six years ago, when Kate came and scooped me up from my comfy spot on Heidi's porch, put me in a PTU and took me to a strange house that I'd never been to before. I was so scared that I peed in the PTU and, when we got to Kate's place, I hid inside the wooden frame of her old couch for, like, a week. But things have looked up since then. It's been the best six years of my eight-or-so years of life. Here's hoping for many more!


PS: Kudos, kudos, kudos to Jessica Alba for knowing the Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! chant when she was interviewed by the Australian journalist on the Red Carpet at the Oscars. Nice!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Some arty night portraits...

Last night (around 9.30pm or something, before my curfew anyway), I was hanging around in the backyard and Kate came outside with the flashy box... but she didn't use the flash! She finally found out how to lengthen the exposure time, and so we did some arty night shots of me. Some of them came out a little blurry, but here are the best (and craziest) ones:

I had to keep very still for these shots to work, which is very hard for me. It was fun, although I don't know how you do it all the time, Daisy. Modelling is hard work! I didn't get any Temptations afterwards, but I did get an extra-large helping of stinky goodness. Was that a fair deal?

Happy Friday, everycat!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

In my dreams

Listen up, everycat!

My mate Yoggie tagged me for the Dreams Meme. Here are the rules:
1. Post who tagged you and link back to them and then to
2. Then answer this question: What three things would you do that you have never done before, if you knew you wouldn't get caught, get in trouble or suffer any consequences?
3. Then tag 3 other kitties, beans, woofies, or any other assorted animal.

This is a little tough, because there are plenty of things I'd like to do and get away with, but I've done most of them before (e.g. sleep on the bed in the guest room, stay outside at night). The meme says that they have to be things that I have never done before... hmmm...

1. OK. I would like to be able to stay outside EVERY NIGHT and host my own kitty Fight Club. I'd like to be able to fight and bite and rassle with other cats and NOT come home with injuries, or give othercats injuries.

2. I'd love to spray on the furniture; who wouldn't?

3. I'd sabotage the vacuum cleaner so that it stopped working forever, and I'd put a magical force-field around the house so that every new vacuum cleaner that came in here broke as it crossed the threshold. This way, my Sunday afternoon naps WOULD NEVER BE INTERRUPTED BY STUPID VACUUM CLEANERS EVER AGAIN!

I did it! That was fun. Especially that last one. Very cathartic. Now I have to tag three othercats. I tag Mick, Gypsy and Tasha.

[PS: I have no idea why Blogger published this post twice... Kate must have stuffed up. Anyway, I've deleted the post with the fewest comments... sorry to the three kitties who commented there!!!]

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Spot the Pablo

I'm so, like, totally invisible right now! This is how I like to spend my sunny summer Sunday afternoons.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

28 years of Nick...

You kick me off the bed when I curl up on your side;
You kick me off your trousers when I curl up on them
after you've folded them neatly on the dresser for reuse the next day.
You swear when my furs get on your clothes
and make your eyes water and itch.
You spray me with water when I sing you songs in the middle of the night;
You prefer not to feed me because 'it encourages me'.

But deep down, I know that you love me
because you let me come and live with you in the first place;
and sometimes you play Stringplay with me
and Attack of the Blue Feather
and you change the lyrics to popular songs
so that they are about me
and because we are Kate's boys.

Happy 28th birthday, Nick!

[EDITORIAL NOTE: Nick made the point that he doesn't swear when my furs stick on his clothes, he said that he 'might say (with an upward, pleading inflection) "man", or even "sigh" '. I don't think he's ever heard of poetic license. Mick and Marilyn, I think you might need to teach him a thing or two!]

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl Sunday

Now that's a SUPER bowl!!

Happy Superbowl Sunday, everycat! I'll always be a Viking at heart, but today... go Patriots!!

Update: AARGH!! They lost 14-17. The only game the Pats have lost all year. Man, that must suck. But congratulations, NY Giants and Giants fans! Only a month or so until Aussie Rules Football kicks off for season '08...