Thursday, August 30, 2007

A very overdue meme...

Marilyn Monreow and Mickey Mantle both tagged me for this meme (without knowing that the other had done it, how cute!) ages ago... finally, here are my answers for the Five Things That Changed Your Life meme:

1. Moving in with Nick and Kate. I've talked about this before. I moved around a lot in the first few years of my life. But I've had things pretty sweet since I moved in with them in 2002, and I know that they're my forever family. And that's as mushy as you'll ever hear me get.
2. Moving into an apartment with a catflap. Every cat should have a catflap. It's a cat's key to freedom and independence.
3. My brown sheepskin. A gift from my good friends Joe and Cath. It's added untold luxury to my basket naps. And it totally matches my colour palate.
4. Chicken. I say no more.
5. Discovering the Cat Blogosphere. I've made so many awesome friends in the past year... I feel like you're all part of my extended family. You all rock!

Whoops! Getting mushy again. Better stop there.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A black armband for Anastasia...

There's a tradition in Australian Rules Football, when someone involved with a club dies, the players wear black armbands (usually made with black tape and worn around the bicep) as a mark of respect. Now, I don't like wearing anything, and I already have permanent black armbands on my arms (made by my black furs), so as a mark of respect to our dear friend Anastasia (who, it seems, has moved on from this world), I'm gonna delay the announcement about who's made the next stage of my Footy Finals competition for a week. It doesn't seem right to get excited about footy finals this week. It's a week to think about our lost friend and be thankful for the beautiful sparkle that she brought to the blogosphere.

Seeing as I'm delaying the announcement, I'll keep the entries open until midnight PDT next Sunday, if anyone still wants to enter. You still have a chance to make the final eight!

Thanks for your friendship and the fun you brought to the blogosphere, Anastasia! Shine on!


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Come back, Anastasia!

Oh no!

Anastasia from The Cat Realm has gone missing.

We need to send all our thoughts and prayers her way and her family's way, especially to her brother Karl.

Come back, Anastasia!


Another Sunday adventure with the d-o-gzillaz

This weekend, the d-o-gzillaz went on a big adventure with Nick and Kate:
Road trip!!!

Look at the d-o-gzillaz checking out the Tasmanian countryside. They love it!

Wow! They've ended up at Kate's parents' house in Latrobe. That's a 3-hour drive from home. I've never been up there. Before they left, they said something about meeting a new friend...

Oh my d-o-g, it's Ben, Kate's old d-o-g who lives with her parents!

Ben gave them a warm Latrobe welcome...

The d-o-gzillaz sure looked up to Ben! They really enjoyed spending time with a real d-o-g. I don't know why.

The three of them became quite close. Ben sure showed them a good time!

... and the d-o-g-zillaz still got back to Hobart in time to watch the big game between the Geelong Cats and Port Adelaide Power (that's first place versus second place... at the time of publication, Port were ahead by 14 points. Could be an upset!).

Which reminds me... you've still got time to enter my AWESOME Footy Finals Fever competition! I'm keeping entries open until midnight, Pacific Time (USA) today, Sunday 26 August. Give it a go! And don't forget to email your entries to kobiekat[AT]hotmail[dot]com Good luck!

Wow. What an exciting weekend!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

Introducing... Sooty!

This is Sooty. Believe it or not, she is kind of my sister/aunty! She lives with Nick's parents up in northern Tasmania, and she's started her own blog about her seaside life at Bell Buoy Beach! We've never met in the flesh, but I've heard all about her. She's waaaay old. At least 17. And she's lived in way more places than even I have. And guess what else? She is a totally outside cat. Can you imagine? I'm sure she'd love it if you stopped by and checked out her blog.

Great to have you in the blogosphere, Sooty!


P.S. Don't forget to enter my AWESOME Footy Finals Fever competition! Scroll down for details.
UPDATE: Entries are starting to roll in... a fewcats have asked me when the deadline is. I did say midnight (Tasmanian time) this Sunday 26 august, but I'll extend it to midnight Pacific time this Sunday, so all you cats stateside can have more time over the weekend. I know that the quiz is a bit tricky, but I made all the answers Google-able and Wikipedia-able, and Nick, Kate and I have decided to make the creative questions worth DOUBLE POINTS. So have fun!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

And finally... the quiz!

Sorry it's taken me longer than planned to post this quiz... you can thank Nick for once again hogging the computer and Kate for being 'too busy' and 'too tired' to help me post in those rare moments when the computer was free. Anyway, here is the quiz for my AWESOME Footy Finals Fever competition. Footy is the nickname for Australian Rules Football, in case anycat didn't know. And with the Australian Football League finals coming up in just a few weeks, I thought it was time that everycat learned a bit about my favourite game. But it's meant to be fun, too, so there's some creative elements thrown in there, too. And a few hints along the way (you can get some more help from Google, Wikipedia and the AFL website) . Here are the questions... one for every team in the AFL:

1. How many teams play in the AFL competition?
2. Before 1990, the AFL had a different name. What was it?
3. How many teams have cat-related nicknames?
4. Name at least three Australian cities which have teams in the AFL.
5. Although there is no team from my home state of Tasmania in the AFL, Tasmania has produced many great VFL/AFL players, past and present. Name at least three of them, and the teams that they played for.
6. Which Victorian-based team currently plays some of its home games in Tasmania each year? Where are these games played?
7. Which Geelong Cats player changed his name by deed poll to Whiskas as part of a sponsorship deal with the cat food brand in 1998?
8. It's been a long time between premierships for the Geelong Cats. When did they last win the premiership?
9. In AFL terminology, what is a mark? a wooden spoon? a behind?
10. At which ground is the AFL Grand Final (think Superbowl) played each year?
11. Guess what? A number of AFL players have gone on to have careers as punters in the NFL in the States. Name at least two of them (bonus points if you can name the AFL/NFL teams they have played for).
12. Which team's song is sung to the tune of 'Yankee doodle dandy'? Which team's song is 'When the saints go marching in?'
13. Which team/s have won the most premierships in VFL/AFL history?
14. Now that you've found out a bit about the AFL, which is your favourite team? Why?
15. Imagine you are in charge of a new AFL team. What is your name? What are your colours? What are the words of your club song?
16. Based on everything you've found out about Aussie Rules, what skills do cats have that would make them awesome AFL players?

When you're done, please email your answers to kobiekat[AT]hotmail[dot]com

Good luck, everycat! The eight best entries (as judged my me, Nick and Kate) will be assigned an AFL team for the finals series. In the event of any ties for placings, the earliest entry will be awarded the higher placing. The two entrants whose teams make the Grand Final will win prizes, and the entrant whose team wins the premiership will win a great prize pack (see my last post for details. To give you all a chance to complete the quiz, entries will be accepted until midnight (my time) on Sunday 26 August. Again, I reserve the right to change any of these rules as I see fit. Let me know if you have any questions.


Sunday, August 19, 2007

The big announcement...

Hi everycat! As promised, here's the big announcement about my blogoversary competition. Introducing...

So here's the deal. Not only is it my blogoversary, but the Australian Football League finals are coming up. I thought I'd combine these two auspicious events into one awesome competition and teach all my international mates a little bit about my favourite game. Here's how it works:

1. Everycat (dog, bun, whatever you are) is invited to take part in my AWESOME Footy Finals Quiz.The questions will require you to do a bit of internet research, but I've tried not to make it too hard. I'll leave the quiz open for a week (closing midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time next Sunday, 26 August), to give you all time to work on it. It won't all be facts, there will be some creative elements, too (I can't post the quiz tonight, cause Nick needs the computer. Soon.).

2. The entrants with the eight highest scores on the quiz will be assigned a team for the AFL finals series (eight AFL teams qualify for the finals, so the cat with the highest quiz score will be assigned the AFL team who finishes on top of the table, the cat with the second highest score will be assigned the second team, and so on...). I'll keep you posted on who gets which teams and how the teams are going.

3. Prizes (to be announced) will be awarded to the two cats who are lucky enough to have their teams progress to the Grand Final (on 29 September), but the cat whose team wins the Grand Final will win a special commemorative Premiership poster, some yummy kitty treats, some yummy Tasmanian chocolates for your beans AND a Pablo mug!

Wow! I wish I could enter. Speaking of which, multiple entries per household are allowed, one per animal. And I reserve the right to change the conditions of this competition at any time. So there.

So brush up on your AFL knowledge, everycat, and I'll post the quiz tomorrow!


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy blogoversary to me...

That's right cats, one year ago today I began my adventures in the blogosphere! It's been so much fun making lots of friends all over the world and telling everycat all about me and my life down here at the bottom of the world. To mark the occasion, Kate even made me a special blogoversary... um... cake. It's chicken with egg and sardines. Yum! She served it on her grandma's bone china tea set:

It's a bit hard to eat your blogoversary cake when the candle's still alight!

(P.S. Stay tuned over the weekend for the big announcement about my blogoversary competition... it's gonna be HUGE!!)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday adventures with the d-o-gzillaz

Well, today was my d-o-gzillaz' first Sunday in Hobart. I figured that they are used to going on Sunday adventures with Jeter and Laffin, so I thought I owed it to them to show them a good time in their new home town. So I got Nick and Kate to show them the sights of our lovely little city. I stayed at home in bed, cause it was cold. And I don't really dig faraway adventures.

First, Nick and Kate took them down to the waterfront:

Then, they went to Parliament House, where the Tasmanian Parliament sits:

Then they took a sail one one of the ships on the Abel Tasman fountain at Salamanca Place (Abel Tasman was the first European to visit Tasmania about a million years ago):

Then, Nick and Kate took them to the top of Mount Wellington, about a 30-minute drive from the Hobart CBD. They had to break a few rules to show them around...

Nick and Kate took them up to the pinnacle so they could see the awesome view of the Hobart area. Trouble was, it was snowing up there. So they couldn't see Hobart. But they did have fun in the snow, as you can see:

I sure hope that the d-o-gzillaz enjoyed their first Sunday adventure in Hobart. A few of you have told me that the d-o-gzillaz need names... I'm trying hard to come up with some good names for them. Suggestions are welcome!


Saturday, August 11, 2007

They came!! They came!!

Mostcats would know that I was one of the winners of Jeter Harris's contest of the millennium. You can see my winning entry, and the other entries, here. Ever since the winners were announced, I've been eagerly anticipating the arrival of my prize, the D-o-gzilla salt and pepper shakers. Well, on Tuesday afternoon, the man in the blue trousers (it's winter here) delivered a package to my door. It was addressed to me, and came from the States! And it had a picture of Laffin and the d-o-gzillaz on it:
Inside was a letter from the great Jeter Harris himself!

...and, of course, the d-o-gzillaz!!

"G'day, I'm Pabs."

"How you doin'?"

Guess what? Life really is 'grate' with d-o-gzillaz! Thanks Jeter and Laffin!

"C'mon guys, I'll show you around!"


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Garrett: My not-of-my-species special friend

Dare accepted, Karl!

For those of you who don't know, Karl from The Cat Realm has dared his mates to seek out and befriend an animal from a species other than our own.

So... meet Garrett, my not-of-my-species special friend:

I found him over at the Animal Internet. Why Garrett, I hear you ask? Well, the reasons are manifold:
  • He's a NEWPSIE!!! Yes, he lives at Newport Beach, CA... in The O.C! But he's recently moved there from Pittsburgh, so he doesn't know Julie Cooper or the Cohens (but I guess the Cohens moved to Berkeley, didn't they?). The O.C. was my favourite TV show. I'm a lot like Ryan Atwood, you see.
  • He's a literary type. He wrote a whole editorial (published on the Animal Internet) about his previous work as a mine canary. Very impressive.
  • As you can see, he's a Budgerigar, and Budgerigars are native to Australia.
  • ... well... to be honest, he looks pretty tasty! The truth is on my side with this, because (according to Wikipedia) the name Budgerigar means 'good food' in some native Australian languages! But I've assured him that I'm too far away from him to do him any harm. He's a bit nervous about being my buddy, though. I guess I am a bit intimidating, just like Ryan Atwood.
Anyway, please visit Garrett's Animal Internet page and say g'day. Tell him Pabs sent you!


My experiment: An update

The score so far...
Crystal litter: 1 hit (#2)

Clay-based litter: 1 hit (#1)

so Karl's hypothesis is currently winning out! I'll keep you posted on further 'movements'. By the way, I do 'go' more often than twice in 5 days... I just prefer to conduct my business outside, when possible.


Sunday, August 05, 2007

An experiment...

One cat:
One new kitty litter:

One standard kitty litter:

Two trays:

...let the experiment begin!


Friday, August 03, 2007

Classic Pabs...

I've posted this picture before, but am posting it again because 1)Kate has been 'too busy' (how rude) to take new pictures of me; but mostly 2)because I told my good friend Faz that I would post it. She did a post recently about her top three sleeping positions. Her #2 sleeping position was the 'Legs Apart'. Well, Faz, this is my variation on the Legs Apart, known at my place as the 'Classic Pabs' because, well, it's my classic sleeping pose. It's kinda hard to tell, but I've got my right paw pointing away from me, paw-side facing away from the camera. It looks kinda awkward, but believe me, it's comfy (behind me is the Classic Nick: reading and taking notes). The Classic Pabs: try it sometime!

P.S. Coming soon: An Experiment and an awesome contest to mark my upcoming 1st blogoversary!