Saturday, January 30, 2010

Once I had a Secret Paw...

I know it's awfully late of me to be posting this... turns out that having a new babybean plays havoc with one's blogging life. Anyway, my Secret Paw for 2009 came from my Wisconsin, USA buddies Victor and Nina. My package was filled with awesome goodies:

Lovely Lucy - an awesome furry mousie toy (not to be confused with Miss Lucy, my kitty friend who turned 22 this week), a nip pouch, some cool squishy straw thingies and a beautiful Christmas decoration with my name on it!

Yessir, that's some quality nip!

Oh, and I scored a coupla cool cards this season, too. The one on the left's from my buddy Trip (although his brothers are on the card... maybe next year, huh, Trip?), and the one on the right's from Victor and Nina.

I had a great first Christmas as a big brother, with a little help from my awesome kitty blogging friends. Here's hoping that my next Christmas won't be ruined by a certain tail-pulling stickybean!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy birthday, Miss Lucy

Today, my very good friend and fellow West Hobart resident Miss Lucy celebrates her twenty-second birthday.

Yes, that's 22 human years!


Happy birthday, Miss Lucy! May you have many more birthdays and continuing good health.