Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The Right Time

Sunday marked one month since we said goodbye to Pablo, and I hadn't yet done anything with his ashes.

I knew where I wanted to scatter them.

I was just waiting for The Right Time.

Yesterday was a warm, humid day (26C/79F). The warmest day we've had in a month or more. It was fairly cloudy all day, but towards evening the sky cleared and there was a lovely pink sunset. The air had cooled a little too.

It was just the kind of evening that Pablo loved, particularly because it was garbage/recycling night. Pabs always escorted me as I took the garbage and recycling from the backyard to the front kerb and we spent a little quality time together outside afterwards.

So after I put Alex to bed, just as the sun was setting, I knew that it was time.

Nick said a prayer to thank God for the life of our dear Pablo. Through tears, I then scattered his ashes in his favourite hangout spots in the backyard:

Under the apple tree...

...on the grass...

...under his favourite leafy plant... the daisies... the pot of the lovely memorial tree that
Nick's mum Judy bought for us...

...Nick even thought to scatter a few over the neighbour's fence,
where Pabs did spend quite a bit of time!

Then I spent a bit of quiet time outside by myself in the lovely balmy garden. It wasn't hard to imagine Pabs slinking up beside me, rubbing himself against my leg.

It was most certainly The Right Time.

I'm so glad I waited.