Saturday, September 09, 2006

Don't mind doin' it for the kids...

[Me in the jungles of West Hobart, circa 2002]

It seems that this blog has generated a considerable amount of controversy among the cats of Hobart (those with net access, anyway). If you've been reading the comments made on this blog, you'll notice that I've even received some hate mail! Turns out that it was from a little guy called Beto who lives in Sandy Bay. His whiskers were in a bit of a twist because he thought I was copying him by starting this blog. It's all sorted now, though. Poor kid was just jealous of my success. Who could blame him?

Anyway, I've agreed to help him out by plugging his blog here on my site. Happy to help a young up-and-comer join the self-promotion caper. It's quite good, for a kitten. It tells the story of a little guy from the sticks who moves to the big smoke to make something of himself, and features some great photos of Beto as a kitten with his mum and siblings. You can access Beto's blog by clicking the link on the right hand side of my blog. There's some other great cat-related links there, too. Check them out!

[This is a photo of young Beto in his home yard on the NW coast of Tassie. Comparing this photo with the photo of me above, you can see that he's styled himself on me from an early age. Again, who can blame him?]



Calico_Rabbit said...

I am now so shockingly jealous that I do not have a cat. And that I did not think of writing a blog from my rabbit's POV when I chose this silly username. But, then, she leads a fairly boring life so perhaps it's for the best. Not like Pablo. He's the man. Love to Pablo's mummy and family!

Kate (Pablo's mum) said...

Yeah, rabbits are pretty boring. They're fun to chase and catch, though... taste like chicken. Kate said to say hello to you, by the way!

Beto said...

I can see you are writing things to try and get me to take the bait. I would just like to say that I am an individual and i did not model my life on anyone but myself. and my blog is completely different to yours. but thanks for putting my photo on your blog, now yr blog looks cute!!!