Sunday, September 17, 2006


Apart from eating, sleeping and rumblin' with the Tigers, this is my favourite thing to do.

It's called stringplay.

I don't think that this still image (left) does stringplay justice... though even I have to admit that I look pretty damn fine mid-pounce. Stringplay's just so dynamic and fast-paced. How it works is I get one of the housepeople to sort of fling the string around and I chase it. It's great indoor training for hunting and rumbling. I can do awesome pounces, leaps and turns when I get going. I've experimented with various media in the string genre over the years: twine, ribbon, wool... but for weight, flight, claw-ability and chew-ability, you can't go past shoelaces. Long ones.

So that's stringplay. It keeps me sharp and looking fine. And it's wicked fun. Stringplay: try it sometime!


Anonymous said...

My Monica would like to know if you have a lazer toy. She enjoys playing with hers if she can just get her people to oblige. It's fun to chase after the little red light even though you know that it is coming from the pen-like device operated by the people.

Kate (Pablo's mum) said...

Thanks for your question, Tracy. No, I'm not lucky enough to have a lazer toy. Sounds like heaps of fun, though! I've been known to chase shadows in a similar manner, as well as beams of light reflected from wristwatches. Maybe I'll ask Nick and Kate for a lazer toy for Christmas... I could use it for some night training!