Saturday, December 23, 2006

Goodbye Jupe...

Jupe in his West Hobart days

It is with heavy whiskers that I share the news that the West Hobart Tigers has lost one of its non-playing members. Jupe Richardson (a former West Hobart resident who retired to the seaside town of Kettering in late 2005), was accidentally run over and killed just a few weeks ago. Jupe was a fine cat, and a very skilful hunter. We could learn a lot from him. Since moving to Kettering, where his grandpa has an awesome property, he has been hunting and killing rabbits regularly, even catching one on the day before he died! I've never caught a rabbit. I bet it's awesome. So goodbye, Jupe! As we say here at the Tigers, 'Go forward to kicks the goal!' Our thoughts go out to Damon, Tineke, Django and Steve – Jupe’s human family.


Anonymous said...

Yes he sounds like a good hunter.
I've never caught a rabbit either before.

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to hear about the tragic loss of Jupe. My best wishes and thoughts to his family.