Monday, December 11, 2006

A super duper special

Attention, shoppers: Whiskas tinned cat food is on super-duper special at Woolworths supermarkets in Tasmania this week at just 79 cents a can! That's a saving of 56 cents per can. Tell your housepeople! Their semi-regular special is 99 cents. A few weeks ago, it was 89 cents, and now this! At these prices, Kate bought up big:

Now, there's a trap for young players when it comes to buying tinned cat food on special: watch out for the 'casserole' or 'mince' varieties. Don't get sucked into buying them. Always go the loaf style. The others (especially the casserole variety) are just filled with gravy and are thus a rip-off, as well as being a bit too rich for cats' tummies (mine, anyway).

... and don't forget that the Hobart Cat Centre cat food drive is still on at Woolworths. This special makes it even more affordable to help out the local strays. Why not do it today?

In other news, I'm sending Kate to Melbourne tomorrow on a cat culture reconnaisance mission. I'm letting her take my digital camera so she can document the profile of felines in Australia's coolest city. She'll be back on Sunday. Look out for a report from her when she returns! Meanwhile, Nick will have to feed me and care for my needs, which he pretends to hate but secretly loves.



Anonymous said...

Too bad that I'm in U.S. I would of taken advantage of such a sale even though I'm a dog. I've been known to steal cat food when at another human's house.(I don't have a cat in my house thank goodness) I think it is a waste to leave out food. It could get infected with bacteria. I figure if I don't eat it the food will get contaminated and when the cat eats it later he will get sick. So actually I'm doing the cat a favor.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pablo, how's it going? I don't like tinned cat food at all! I only like the crunchy type and I love canned tuna (which I don't get very often cos it has to be dolphin friendly). How's the Hobart weather? Faz

Anonymous said...

That food must be really good the way you're licking your chops!

Anonymous said...

p.s. Pablo - what are you up to for Christmas?

Kate (Pablo's mum) said...

Cheers for your comments and questions, Faz. The weather in Hobart is crazy. Totally changeable and unpredictable. One day hot- like today. It was a THFC day, 29 degrees. But Christmas day is supposed to be cold and rainy and just 12 degrees. I can't keep up! It's been like this for months.

Christmas? They're leaving me at Christmas. Their families live a few hours from here, so they go up there and stay with both sets for a few days each. But I don't mind. I like it when they're away. Someone is always arranged to come and feed me and check on me. I think one of Kate's friends might even be staying here for a few days while she's in town. So I'm cool. I even got a present the other day! I'm gonna post about it soon. How 'bout you? What do you do for Christmas? Does it involve squirrels?

Anonymous said...

Hi Pablo,

Excuse my profile, I had to borrow Amy's account because I don't have a blogger account yet.

My parents buy me really classy meat to eat, so I haven't had to have whiskas in a while.

But this week I've had to eat dry food alot because Amy couldn't understand me when I tried to tell her my parents keep my special meat in the freezer.

Thankfully I get posh dry food too, Amy says it has "for sensitive cats" on it. That's me!!

Amy's not too bad to have around the house while my parents are away, but she gets really grumpy when I go in to cuddle her in the mornings for some reason. 5:30's not too early for humans is it??

Kate (Pablo's mum) said...

Is that you, Napoleon? I've heard about you. All good, of course! Kate would love to buy me the most expensivest food that she could find, but Nick has other ideas. Whiskas is pretty good; it's the best tinned supermarket-type food. I get drys too sometimes, the Purina One stuff. It's good, but I have to drink a lot when I eat it. I like the way it crunches when I eat it!

BTW, 5:30am is totally fine for waking up your housepeople (it's pretty much my standard time), especially this time of year, when the sun gets up really, really early. Housepeople love being woken up early. They just don't know how to show it. I don't wake them for a snuggle, I wake them to get my breakfast and to be let outside. I even sing an awesome good morning song with added wardrobe-scratchings for percussion! It's guaranteed a response. You should try it!