Sunday, August 26, 2007

Another Sunday adventure with the d-o-gzillaz

This weekend, the d-o-gzillaz went on a big adventure with Nick and Kate:
Road trip!!!

Look at the d-o-gzillaz checking out the Tasmanian countryside. They love it!

Wow! They've ended up at Kate's parents' house in Latrobe. That's a 3-hour drive from home. I've never been up there. Before they left, they said something about meeting a new friend...

Oh my d-o-g, it's Ben, Kate's old d-o-g who lives with her parents!

Ben gave them a warm Latrobe welcome...

The d-o-gzillaz sure looked up to Ben! They really enjoyed spending time with a real d-o-g. I don't know why.

The three of them became quite close. Ben sure showed them a good time!

... and the d-o-g-zillaz still got back to Hobart in time to watch the big game between the Geelong Cats and Port Adelaide Power (that's first place versus second place... at the time of publication, Port were ahead by 14 points. Could be an upset!).

Which reminds me... you've still got time to enter my AWESOME Footy Finals Fever competition! I'm keeping entries open until midnight, Pacific Time (USA) today, Sunday 26 August. Give it a go! And don't forget to email your entries to kobiekat[AT]hotmail[dot]com Good luck!

Wow. What an exciting weekend!



Jeter and Mickey said...

da d-o-gzillaz ar havin sum fun, pabs! i'm reallee glad dat dey're wid u in hobart!
it'z grate to be back, mi frend ... altho i'm verree sad to be hearin abowt owr grate frend anastasia!

Anonymous said...

Pablo, what a great adventure your d-o-gzillas had! And wow, did they ever meet a BIG DOG *giggle*!

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

Christine and FAZ said...

What a great day out they had. FAZ

p.s. did you get my entry yet. I resent it

Daisy said...

The d-o-gzillas are very lucky that you won them, because they are having some great adventures. I hope the Geelong Cats win. Maybe if I sing my special song for them, it will help:

"Go, Cats, Go! You can Fight! You can BITE! Fight, Bite, WIN!”

Parker said...

Man those two get around! Good for them!

Phoebe said...

That looked like a very fun day for your dogzilla's. I hope they didn't get too much drool on them, though, from that dog.