Saturday, August 11, 2007

They came!! They came!!

Mostcats would know that I was one of the winners of Jeter Harris's contest of the millennium. You can see my winning entry, and the other entries, here. Ever since the winners were announced, I've been eagerly anticipating the arrival of my prize, the D-o-gzilla salt and pepper shakers. Well, on Tuesday afternoon, the man in the blue trousers (it's winter here) delivered a package to my door. It was addressed to me, and came from the States! And it had a picture of Laffin and the d-o-gzillaz on it:
Inside was a letter from the great Jeter Harris himself!

...and, of course, the d-o-gzillaz!!

"G'day, I'm Pabs."

"How you doin'?"

Guess what? Life really is 'grate' with d-o-gzillaz! Thanks Jeter and Laffin!

"C'mon guys, I'll show you around!"



Parker said...

They were meant to be with you my friend! Are you gonna' name them?

Jeter and Mickey said...

wowie kazowie pablo,
doze d-o-gzillaz look grate wid u!
dey hadda long trip frum noo york in da u.s.a. all da way to da down under ... so be nice to dem! (i know u will, uv course!)
mi squillion, laffin an laffin, wuz enjoyin readin yer blog today! u could even say it wuz a "advenchur" fer him.
hmmmmmm ... i wunder ....

Pablo said...

Ooh. Names. I hadn't thought about that. Good idea, Parker!

Daisy said...

Wow! The D-o-gzillas are international travelers now. You are very nice to show them around. I think they will be very happy with you. But I agree that they need names.

Anonymous said...

Have fun!

caricature said...

Congrats Pablo ~ these look great ~ good idea showing them around the house and making them feel at home :)

Christine and FAZ said...

I don't which bit I am most jealous about (and pleased too of course)

1. you won a competition
2. you got an excellent prize
3. you got a letter from the famous

Well done Pabs I am so thrilled for you. FAZ

p.s. I am blogging from outer space today

Tyler said...

Hey, now they're not missing from your life any more, Pablo. They're right there anytime you need em. Cool.

Phoebe said...

Do they have passports? That's where you can find their names...