Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Football, football, football...

As part of Grand Final Week, I thought I'd share some of the creative answers that the finalists in my AWESOME footy finals fever competition sent in. If you remember, one of the questions I asked was: 'Imagine you are in charge of a new AFL team. What is your name? What are your colours? What are the words of your club song?'

This was Phoebe and Monica's answer:
'Our team would be the Medford Missies. Our team colors would be pink and purple and our fight song would go like this:
We are the Medford Missies, hear us purr
We have pretty colors in our fur
We will fight fight fight to win the game
The Medford Missies is our name.'

And here is Faz's answer:
'My team would be called the Wimbledon Warriors (because that's where I live). Our colours would be green and purple which are my favourite colours (see blog) but also the colours of Wimbledon (so it must be fate). Our song would be sung to the tune of 'It's a small world after all':
We're the best club that's for sure
Warriors win over all
We're the best club that's for sure
We're the Wimbledon Warriors

We play AFL and we always win
We kick and catch and never flinch
We are so cool, we are no ones fools
We're the Wimbledon Warriors

We're the best club that's for sure
Warriors win over all
Green and Purple always score
We're the Wimbledon Warriors'

Here's Yoggie's entry:
Yoggie's team would be called the Ark Warriors (after his favourite Swedish band, The Ark). His team colours would be black, white and pink. The Ark Warriors' theme song would be 'The Worrying Kind', which is a song by The Ark... it was Sweden's entry in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest!

Gypsy and Tasha ran out of time to complete this question, but they said that their favourite team in the AFL was the Brisbane Lions, whose colours are maroon, blue and gold. Gypsy said that the Lions were his favourite team because he is a miniature mountain lion in a cat suit and also because his mum originally came from Brisbane. Their theme song is sung to the tune of the French national anthem, La Marseillaise! (JH, if you remember, the Lions are your buddy Keiser 's (may he be playing happily at the bridge) human Daniel's favourite team).

The Hot(M)BC:
'Tasmania Tuxies! Our colors ... sorry... colours... are black and white, of course! And our mascot is Mini the Tuxie -- she should be good for something other than just eating. Our jumpers could be black and white or we could all wear our furs (or dye our furs/skin black and white for the games if some players weren't natively tuxie cats.)Our song (Sung to the tune of "Dixie") is "Tuxie!"
I'm so glad to be in tha land of Tuxie
Good times here are not forgotton
Cheer away - Cheer away
Cheer away - Tuxie land
In Tuxie land where I did win
All the time on the tuff old shin
Cheer away - Cheer away
Cheer away - Tuxie land
Then I'm glad I am in Tuxie Land - Cheer away - away
In Tuxie land I take my stand
I live and win in Tuxie
Cheer Away - away - I live and win a Tuxie'

As you can see, the entries were all of an awesomely high standard. I'll save the Grand Finalists' entires until Friday, which is Grand Final Eve! Woo hoo! And hey, don't forget that you can still enter the Grand Final tipping competition. It's easy! Click here for details.


Anonymous said...

That was really fun to read what the other cats have written!!!

Daisy said...

Oh dear, those are some very amazing and wonderful entries. I was so proud of my special song, but now I am a little embarrassed.

Fight, Bite, Win... then hang my head in shame.

snowforest said...

These are some very creative answers - it'll be tough to choose a winner!

The Cat Realm said...

Great answers!