Friday, September 28, 2007

Grand Final Eve...

I can't believe it's Grand Final Eve already! Thanks heaps, everycat, for your entries in my Grand Final tipping competition. Haven't entered yet? Click here for details. Entries will be open until 2pm Australian Eastern Standard Time tomorrow (29 September), with the Big Game starting at 2.30pm (that's 0430 GMT/UTC, click here to work out what time it will be where you live).

If you're up for an interesting Aussie culture experience, you can listen to the radio broadcast of the game LIVE by visiting the AFL or Radio Australia websites (I can't guarantee that these will work, but I'm pretty sure they will!)

Once again, a reminder of the contenders:
Daisy's Geelong Cats


Sooty's Port Adelaide Power

The majority of footy fans are going for the Cats, partly because they've had the best form in the competition this year and partly because they're a sentimental favourite... they have not won a premiership since 1963! But there's quite a few fans going for Port as well. They're pretty tough, and tasted premiership success in 2004, so you can't write them off. Anything could happen on the day, especially if the weather is bad, which I think it's forecast to be (we've had lots of rain and wind in southeastern Australia in the past day or so). Either way, the game is gonna be HUGE!

As promised, here are Daisy and Sooty's entries for the creative part of my quiz. They're great.

Sooty's entry:
Sooty created a team called the Leopards, whose uniform is yellow with black spots and leopard-skin tights. Here is the Leopards' theme song:
We are the leaping Leopards
and we do not need shepherds
because we are the fiercest in the game

Our teamwork is flawless
all other teams are claw-less
our mighty spots will beat them every time

So come on, all you Eagles
you Hawks, Crows, Swans and Magpies
We'll make you all duck soup when we are through!

Daisy's entry:
'My team would be called Curly’s Cuties. My team colors would be pink and white. Here is my team song: Go, Cuties, Go! You can Fight! You can BITE! Fight, Bite, WIN!'

Well, everycat, get into the Grand Final spirit! Help Daisy and Sooty cheer their teams on! I need to go nap to get ready for The Big Day tomorrow.


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Daisy said...

I am so excited about Grand Final Eve. I hope the Cats are resting up so they will be strong for the big game tomorrow. I am breathless with anticipation!!!