Friday, September 21, 2007

Preliminary final 1: Cats v Magpies

Well, it was another massive game in the Australian Football League finals series tonight. The first preliminary final, with the winner going on to next week's Grand Final and the loser hanging up their boots for 2007. The contenders?
Daisy's Geelong Cats


Faz's Collingwood Magpies
98,000 people turned up to the M.C.G. (Melbourne Cricket Ground) tonight to watch a thrilling contest. The Cats went into the game as strong favourites but, like last week against the Eagles, the Magpies would not be denied. It was a tense, tough arm-wrestle of a game, but the Cats held on to win by 5 points! The final score: 13.14.92 to 13.9.87. Congratulations, Daisy, your team has made it through to next week's Grand Final!! Bad luck Faz, me old mucker.

So, tomorrow we'll find out which team will win the right to take on the Cats in the big game next week. Will it be Sooty's Port Adelaide Power? Or Gypsy and Tasha's North Melbourne Kangaroos? Stay tuned to find out...



Christine and FAZ said...

I am devastated the Magpies lost and didn't not speak to Daisy for 5 whole minutes. Fortunately she is a good friend and friendship is much more important at the end of the day than winning or losing. Maybe next year huh Pabs? FAZ

Daisy said...

Wooohoooo! I am so excited the Cats winned!!! I think it might have helped that I cheered so strong and hard for them.

Sorry Faz. Your team is good, too. And they tried their hardest.

Phoebe said...

Wowie! This is getting very exciting. Poor Faz. Go Daisy!